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The High-quality of Japanese Brands

Around the world, “Wagyu” is the only quality-enhanced breed for being unique to Japan and the result of many, many years of combined effort.We uphold this tradition and also hold scrupulous attention to hygiene.

The three great beefs of
Japan-Oumi-beef Whole Beef Set

The three great beefs of Japan are Matsuzaka beef, Kobe beef, and Oumi beef. Within that selection, we supply Oumi beef, which has the oldest history and has been carefully selected by our long establised experts

Wagyu Chuck, Tenderloin, Chuck
Roll 3 piece set

Cuts of the highest quality that will allow you to revel in the sweetness, unique fragrance and the melt in your mouth flavor that comes as you cook the beautiful marbiling.

Wagyu-Whole Beef Set

Kagoshima Black beef. We supply a wagyu set of carefully selected Miyazaki beef, docusing on class 3 and 4 grades.

Sushi Set

A cut of the highest quality that is perfect for steak, shabu-shabu and a variety of ather dishes.

Chinese Set

Shoulder sirloin/Shoulder sirloin/

Yakiniku Set

Kalbi/sukato/hiuchi/bed/Rib roast/Shoulder sirloin