Company profile

Since 1896 we have put labor only to Oumi-beef

The OUMIGYU which is brought up in theenvironment of rich nature, good point ofprimary local region is best present thathas been produced by combination of natureand food culture.

We uphold the traditional cattle breeding in Shiga Prefecture(Japan),
where is famous for production of Oumi-beef and
the origin of Oumi-shonin(merchant flourished all over Japan).

Oumi-beef has 400 years history from Edo era,
we hear that those days Shogun(Japanese general) savored its high quality taste,
and it was also used secretly as arcanum of perpetual youth and longevity.

Our company founder, Daikichi Nagatani ate Oumi-beef,
then  loved so deep its taste and dignity that pursued way of cattle breeding
during the rest of his life.

Since then,over 100 years we have breeded cattles,processed ando sold meat at
Adogawa city as butcher.
Our mission is to satisfy customers of our region and have made constant effort for that.

'Offering excellent traditional beef to our customers'
'making the taste of Oumi-beef more popular'
'delivering more meat breeded by ourselves'

these have been our wish and
we feel that our dreams come true.

We really apreciate your visit and this meeting.

Please try our Oumi-beef and black wagyu.


252, Tanaka, Adogawa-cho, Takashima-city, Shiga-Pref, 520-1217, Japan

・Founded in 1896
・Description of business, Sale of meat,
Wholesale of meat, Restaurant,
Meat processing and making
・Banking correspondents
Shiga Bank, Ltd.
Kansai Urban Banking Corporation.